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2009-09-25 21:33:02 by BungieCord

Well, it's not a three, but it's not a 1 either, and I'm okay with that. Basically, it is completely average. Lol. K. In the future I hope to do better, but for now, a break! For I am lazy.

Alright! Yeah!

2009-09-23 17:16:12 by BungieCord

Okay, I just pasted a new flash movie. Same characters as before, only better. I hope I get a nice score. I would be satisfied with a 3. I know it's not 5, or even 4 material, so I'm being hopeful/realistic.

Fingers crossed!

Alright! Yeah!

Meh, What's up people?

2009-08-29 00:33:23 by BungieCord

I know after I posted my first video I said I would put more up, but I haven't really felt like making more. Not like I'm obligated too, it's just something I thought was fun at the time. I'm thinking about putting up a new one. We will see. So if anyone cares, heh, don't worry, one of these years I'll put up another one, and hey, there may even be a video explosion, we shall see. Later.

Ima take a break

2008-09-02 14:13:01 by BungieCord

I am going to take a small break from flash for a smidge. I promise to make another vid asap. It will be so awesome, i just know it, and it will feature the characters from my first movie.

Ima take a break


2008-08-31 18:11:17 by BungieCord

Awesomeness. I am new here, figuring the ropes, you know. My first vid is under judgement, but I have a feeling it will be fine. See you all later.